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Brandsness, Brandsness & Rudd, P.C. is a law firm of three lawyers and four paralegals situated in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Our representation includes individuals, financial institutions, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, governmental bodies and charitable organizations.

Recent Cases, Court Rulings, Legal Articles, Legislative Matters and Helpful Information

  • Does the County Board of Commissioners and/or the Sheriff’s Office have authority to enter into an agreement to provide private security services to individuals or private businesses? Weyerhaeuser v Klamath County
  • May a building contractor enter into an oral cost plus contract and be entitled to an amount that exceeds the estimated price? Wendt v Wilcher
  • What happens when a party dies during the pendency of a divorce action? Trotts v Trotts
  • Is there legal difference between “payment”, “”tender of payment” and a “promise to pay”? Malan v Jenner
  • If your landlord is being foreclosed upon how long may you stay in your residence? Helping Families Save Their Homes (PDF)